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Conservative Procedures

Epidural Steroid Injection

An Epidural steroid injection can help relieve pain by administering a combination of medicine at the painful site. One is a steroid, which will decrease the inflammation and the other is an anesthetic agent, which will decease the pain. These medications are administered through the epidural space.

Trigger Point Injection

A trigger point injection is used to treat painful points in a muscle. A trigger point is a knot of muscle that forms when the muscle fails to relax. They can produce significant amounts of pain with some causing a shooting pain into an extremity.

Facet Joint Injections

A facet joint injection is initially used to determine what is causing your back pain. If the preliminary injection eliminates the pain temporarily, then it is very likely that that particular joint is causing your pain. A longer lasting medicine will then be used to decease the pain for a longer period of time.

Sacroiliac Joint Injection

A sacroiliac joint injection is performed using a combination of steroids and analgesics under fluoroscopic guidance. The injection of a local anesthetic at the specific joint decreases the pain, while the steroid reduces the inflammation.

We proudly offer chiropractic massage at our convenient location in St. Louis, MO. Massage is a popular treatment for neck pain, back pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, low back pain, immunity suppression, spinal cord injury, autism, post-operative surgery, age-related disorders, infertility, eating disorders, smoking cessation, and depression